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Timeless Christmas Outfits for Women

Call me romantic, but for Christmas, I LOVE dressing up in quintessential Christmas colors to commemorate the holiday. Really, hosting Christmas takes a lot of work and energy. In the photo below, I was in my thirties and living in Germany with my three small children and German shepherd. I remember getting the evening ready for my husband, which included bringing home and decorating a 2-story Christmas tree, preparing the gifts (without Amazon Prime), and cooking a turkey dinner... 

Creating this magical time for my family is always a labor of love - one which is wonderfully worth it. As a part of the ritual, I believe in wearing classic reds, whites, and greens. Why? Because we might as well go in 100%.  When you have small children (or grandchildren!) there is nothing sweeter than keeping a photo of the family dressed up for a magical Christmas evening.  -- Claudia 

Tips: Straight from the 90s

Christmas Outfits

  1. Wear Christmas colors.The entire holiday requires preparation. If you take a photo, then years later - it will bring back all kinds of memories of that Christmas.   
  2. Dress up.It's a special occasion. Look the part.
  3. Kids can wear clothing they already own. In my 90s reference photo, my daughter is wearing a red dinosaur sweater, which previously was her older brother's. I put a white bib on her to dress it up. Children are Children. Loose matching is fine.
  4. Choose an outfit that is classic. You do not need to run to the mall and buy a new outfit every year. In this photo, I'm wearing my favorite red sweater dress I bought in Tokyo years before. Look for a piece that you love and can wear beyond Christmas - one that you will love years after buying it.

Although fashion trends may have changed, I still like dressing up for Christmas with classic pieces. Here are some picks from Qinti which transcend the Christmas season.

Perfect for Christmas: Pieces from QINTI 

(Modeled by my baby girl - wearing the dinosaur sweater above!)

  1. Audrey Jacket in Classic Red

  2. Cape with Fur in Burgundy

    Fur Cape with Red Trim

  3. Creamy white ROCOCO Coat

  4. Baby Alpaca Silk scarf in red and orange - for a hint of Christmas color

I hope I have given you some good tips. If you have any to add, I would love to hear them in the comments! 

Merry Christmas,