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Caring for Silver

What does it take?

With today’s products only a few minutes of polishing, once or twice a year. Taking proper care of your silver will ensure a lifetime of enjoyment, and an heirloom to pass on to generations to come!

  • Use your silver! Regular use actually reduces tarnish and helps develop a glow called patina, which enhances its beauty. With silver flatware, be sure to rotate your flatware so that you use all of the pieces as much as possible.
  • When storing your silver pieces, avoid wrapping them in plastic or paper. Use a soft cloth to cover them and store away from heat, light and humidity.
  • Rinse your silver immediately after use, especially after contact with acidic foods or foods which might cause corrosion (salt, lemon, vinegar, eggs, and mayonnaise). Do not soak overnight.
  • Wash your silver by hand, not in the dishwasher. Wash in warm sudsy water and rinse in clear hot water to ensure minimal scratching. Always wash Sterling silver separately from stainless steel. Dry with a soft cotton cloth in order to avoid water spots.
  • Use a mild detergent. Avoid lemon-scented detergents and those that contain chlorides. Both contain acids harmful to silver. Never use toothpaste to polish your silver, as most brands contain baking soda.
  • Sterling Silver is best polished using a brand name cream to remove tarnish. Most products are easy to use, applied directly on the clean surface and polished with a soft cotton cloth to a shine. Clean crevices with a worn toothbrush or fine natural-bristle brush. Dip polishes are corrosive and should be avoided. They are not recommended for intricately detailed pieces, as they can damage an oxidized pattern. Always read manufacturer’s instructions.