LA LUNA WIDE - Sterling Silver Frame

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LA LUNA WIDE - Sterling Silver Frame

This Wide Sterling silver frame is a most sumptuous frame!  It is also very versatile, and a timeless choice for many gift-giving occasions, but may be reserved as a special Wedding gift. The effect of the lightly hammered silver face results in a soft glow that goes well with any décor. The Wide border is over 2 inches and features two ropes on the inner and outer border, creating a sophisticated look to a contemporary selection.
The LA LUNA WIDE frame may rest horizontally or vertically to display your treasured memories. The back of the frame is crafted of fine Peruvian mahogany, and is as easy to open as it is to secure.

We offer this gorgeous frame in three sizes:

  • PA-MRT02  - Photo 4 x 6 inches (10 x 15cm) - US$ 178
  • PA-MRT03  - Photo 5 x 7 inches (13 x 18cm) – US$ 284
  • PA-MRT04  - Photo 8 x 10 inches (20 x 25cm) – US$ 372

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