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Large Chakanas Pendant Sterling Silver with Multi-stones

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Gorgeous round Chakanas Pendant in solid Sterling silver, beautifully worked with natural stone & shell inlay: Chrysocolla, Blue Sodolite, Mother-of-Pearl, Spondylus shell. 

The Chakana, or Inca cross, has 12 points and legend has it that these points represent the following sayings, affirmations and life points I Live, I Work, I Love; The Underworld, The Current World, The Upper World; The Condor, The Puma, The Snake; Don't Lie, Don't Steal, Don't be Lazy.
The four flat sides represent the elements Water Air Earth Fire.Through a central axis a shaman journeyed in trance to the lower plane or Underworld and the higher levels inhabited by the superior gods. The snake, puma, and condor are totemic representatives of the three levels.

Certainly there are also interpretations that refer to the three levels of the Chakana in a metaphorical sense as the three levels of this world: the “Upper World = Hanaq Pacha, the Middle World = Kay Pacha and the Lower World = Uju Pacha,” or perceive them as symbols of the skills that characterize humans: Munay = the ability to love, Yankay = the ability to work or to take action, Yachay = the ability to think or to gain wisdom.

Approximate size: 2 inches diameter.

Comes with a ribbon necklace. Gift boxed!

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