Hand-woven Baby Alpaca Boucle Fantasia Shawl - Blue Grey

  • $135.00

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Wrap yourself in sheer luxury with this gorgeous Shawl!

Fine Baby Alpaca wool is hand-woven on a wooden loom, and using fluffy and silky-soft boucle yarn gives it depth and dimension, along with the most amazing texture. Can be used as a shawl over your shoulders, or as a trendy super-sized scarf wrapped around the neck.

100% Baby Alpaca.

Approximate dimensions: 78 x 28 inches, plus a 5 inch fringe.

Hand wash or Dry clean.

Note: Baby Alpaca is only the first shearing of the animal. The Alpaca is born in spring, the winter fur will come in, and the shearing will take place the following spring. Consecutive shearing will result in coarser fiber, and cannot be called Baby Alpaca. 

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