Copy of About Us

Our Past and Present:

     We are a family run company of German and Peruvian roots, having had family in Peru since the 1960's. Our first shop was located in Ellijay - A small town at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains in Northern Georgia, USA. After a few of years in Ellijay, opportunity knocked and so we rented out part of our Ellijay storefront (It is now a Yoga Studio!) and we moved Qinti to Blue Ridge, Georgia, USA. Fast forward a couple of years and Colorado was in our sights. A year and some change after first speculating about Colorado, we hit the floor running and now have a second location at Larimer Square in Downtown Denver, Colorado, USA!

     My mom and dad, Claudia and David ("C&D"), are the founders and owners of this amazing company (Est. Jan. 2013). C&D are used to doing normal activities for the shop such as the taxes and working with 21 separate artisans - All of which are located in Peru. C&D also wear many hats during the year including: cashiers, financiers, Subject Matter Experts for customers (Fashion/Alpaca/Silver Jewelry Knowledge!), and every other role you could imagine. That is, every role except for IT, that one was designated to myself, being a 20-something year old! My older brother and older sister are involved as well, both of them continuously help with the creation of the website as well as provide personal images of Peru from our childhood/visits plus professional photos of the inventory/scenery. 

     All of us (Immediate family) were raised in Peru and spent at the very least our formative years there - If not our childhood, then our entire lives. This includes my grandmother, Aida, who continues to live in Lima after moving there over half a century ago! Peru holds a special place in all of our hearts, which is a major reason for the creation of Qinti - The Peruvian Shop. We would like to spread quality products from an otherwise eroding and/or commercialized and cheapened culture. We owe many fond memories and life experiences to our times in Peru, seeing some peruvian products butchered for a quick buck is disheartening - so we're here to connect customers to the best available Alpaca clothing and Sterling Silver Jewelry.

     This business not only develops the economy in which our stores are located (The U.S.), it helps stimulate the economy in Peru on both a macro and micro level. At the macro level, export/import fees from Peru to the U.S. stimulate both economies - These provide Peru with money to continue public works such as infrastructure, parks, housing, clean water, electricity, etc. On a Micro level Qinti is literally helping Artisans, their families, and/or groups of Artisans to continue pursuing their passion as well as financial goals.

     All that was said prior essentially boosts the GDP and/or purchasing power of both countries. A deeper investment pool helps stifle perpetual cultural erosion. The draining of internal investment funds directly correlates to profit driven globalized economies tied to conglomerates, nations (Whether they are the Puppet Master or a cornered Puppet is irrelevant), and large "Movers, Shakers, and Producers" such as the Koch brothers or investment firms. More often than not investment behemoths of this world directly lead to cultural erosion. On the flip side, investment funds gained through sales of purely natural/cultural products such as Alpaca and Silver Jewelry, could help put a positive spin on globalization - Which is in desperate need of a counter-balance!

Our Mission: 

     Through Qinti - The Peruvian Shop, we hope to help Peruvian Master Artisans forge a global identity for their high-quality craftsmanship and design. We want to help give back to a community that has given us so much! The quality of Peruvian artisanal Alpaca and Silver products promote kosher cultural values, they also positively impact a community that undoubtedly constructed a major part of our entire family background/history -Those are all reasons as to why we chose to enter not only a business we're familiar with, but one we can feel uplifting and positive about when the lights shut off each night.

Shop Concept:

     Peru has gained notoriety for its culinary culture, especially in the last ten years seeing how the Peruvian Society for Gastronomy was created in 2007. Equally deserving of praise are the exquisite creations of Peru's Master Artisans.  At Qinti, our curated collection celebrate the finest artisanal products Peru has to offer. At Qinti we hand select the best products of each type in order to demonstrate/display/spread only the finest and best quality products.This means travelling to Peru at a minimum of twice a year in order to meet with Artisans, hand select the best of the best, then repeat those last steps for the other 20 Artisans currently conducting business with us (Qinti)!

Natural Materials:
  • Fine Alpaca: 100% Pure Baby Alpaca Fiber
  • Mahogany Wood
  • 950 Pure Sterling Silver
  • Natural Gemstones including Black Onyx, Lapis Lazuli, Abalone, Spondylus Shell, Coral, Mother of Pearl, etc.  

      Claudia (Founder/Mom) is pictured above. On the left she is at our Blue Ridge location in Georgia. On the right she is enjoying the presence of somewhat recently sheared Alpaca.