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    How to Wash your Baby Alpaca Sweater - Laundry & Fabric Care

    How to wash your baby alpaca sweater?

    To wash a baby alpaca sweater, you have three options: 

    • Dry Clean - Dry-cleaning is always an option, and can be recommended for certain garments that have more delicate fibers mixed in (like alpaca mixed with silk). Note: Harsh dry cleaning solvents can degrade the baby alpaca over time.
    • Wash by Hand - Hand washing baby alpaca is the safest method of washing baby alpaca. Add two capfuls of a delicate detergent into a water basin with cold water. Allow the baby alpaca sweater to soak for 30-minutes. Rinse with cold water, until no longer soapy. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron.

    • Machine Wash -Turn your alpaca sweater  inside out insert in a mesh bag to avoid snagging. Wash in the delicate cycle, use cold water. Lay flat to dry in its natural shape. Do not iron. 

    Tips for Product Care

    • Use a mild detergent
    • If washing by machine, insert in a mesh bag 
    • Do not iron.
    • Do not hang.

    Not all fabrics are created equal. The following instructions work for our 100% Baby Alpaca Sweaters. If your sweater has additional materials mixed in or is very lightweight, consider reading the label instructions.

    Ask Claudia: How do you wash your Baby Alpaca Sweater?

    I toss my husband's baby alpaca sweater in the washing machine... and I recommend this to anyone who enters my shop! 

    David, my husband and biggest supporter, has been wearing his dark green 100% Baby Alpaca Sweaters for over FOUR years. He wears it almost daily to the shop, while running errands, and out when it's time to throw the frisbee with Paco, our border collie. Honestly, it is shocking how well the sweater lasted.

    Admittedly, after the fifth year of regular use it finally began to show wear at waistline because pockets. I was more than happy to replace his 100% Baby Alpaca Sweater. He now has a new one in the same model and color. I cannot endorse this sweater enough. It is a beautiful investment piece.

    You can check-out David (modeling his sweater) below! 

    Warmest Regards,

    Men's Baby Alpaca Half Zip Sweater - Green Melange - Qinti - The Peruvian Shop

    Men's Baby Alpaca Half Zip Sweater - Green Melange

    Made from 100% Baby Alpaca this luxurious, classic half zip Sweater is truly a pleasure to wear. The forest green melange looks great with the black collar. A fabulous Gift
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