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Baby Alpaca Care

Taking proper care of your Baby Alpaca sweater or cardigan will ensure many years of enjoyment!

Baby Alpaca fiber is considered a luxury, rarer than cashmere, as only the first (and sometimes second) shearing of the animal may be labeled Baby Alpaca. The fiber is very fine, between 17-23 micrones, but is three times more resistant/durable and much warmer than wool. The shaft of the Baby Alpaca fiber is hollow, which allows for microscopic airpockets, making it not only warmer, but lighter than wool. And just imagine, Peruvian mummies that dated more than 500 BC were found with alpaca wear!

Among its many qualities we find that Baby Alpaca is water resistant, it is hypo-allergenic and does not contain lanolin or other oils.

How to wash your Baby Alpaca sweater?

The Alpaca fiber does not stain or absorb odors easily. Air the sweater before putting it away. If washing is needed, most sweaters can be washed separately in the Wool-cycle of your washing machine using a very mild detergent (or shampoo). It is recommended to put the sweater into a mesh bag to avoid stretching.

Note: Be careful when washing sweaters with embroidery. We recommend turning the sweater inside out and in a mesh bag to protect it from pulls.

If washing by hand, dissolve a mild detergent (or shampoo) in warm water and soak the sweater for a few minutes, gently press to allow the water to flush through the fiber. Do not rub as it would felt the fiber. Rinse several times until the water is clear. Press excess water. Wrap sweater in a towel and gently press to get as much water out as possible.

Line the sweater flat to dry into the desired form. Do not hang. Do not use a dryer. If needed use an iron on the wool-setting.

Tip: You can use a conditioner with the final rinse to increase softness and shininess.

How to store your Baby Alpaca sweater?

It is not a good idea to hang it as it would lose its shape. Store it folded (in sealed bags) and protected from moths with peppercorns, coffee beans, or other natural repellents.

Note: Be careful with anything that could catch, pull or cut the Alpaca fiber: rings, bracelets, belts, handbags.