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All items come beautifully wrapped in gift box.

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Hello & Welcome to Qinti!

The Peruvian Shop

Concept: Celebrating Peruvian Craftsmanship

At its core, Qinti is our love letter to Peru's artisans.

Through Qinti, we hope to share with you Peru's rich heritage of high-quality craftsmanship through contemporary accessories, jewelry and home objects.

Our Story




Baby Alpaca Shop

We specialize in Baby Alpaca. The fabric is wonderfully luxurious - and perfect as a scarf or coat. 

For Claudia, she wore a deep violet wrap throughout university. Warm, hypoallergenic, and easy to throw into her bag, it has been a staple Claudia has been happy to introduce to her shop.

Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry

Vietnamese tried to make a hat modelling after the Goddess' by stitching together palm leaves, which is now known as Non la. The image of Non la has become strongly associated with peasant lives from the paddy field to boat men and women.

Handmade Handbags in Pima Cotton

We are absolutely in love with our Pima Cotton bags. These bags are delicate - and you will not find one at Nordstroms. We only sell these through our brick-and-mortar shops given that each one is different.

These are sold only in-store, due to the fact that each is uniquely dyed, with a different configuration of patterns. 

Showcase in modern life


Our artisans follow centuries of tradition in the craftsmanship of silver and wood products. We take pride in promoting this craftsmanship, and helping it to survive in a world where craftsmanship and quality have become almost entirely replaced by industrial methods of production, resulting in goods of much inferior quality.

Meet Claudia Müller-Braun

Founded by Claudia, you will see her style reflected throughout the shop: classic with a contemporary, feminine twist. Born in Germany but raised in Peru, Claudia has lived around the world (London, Hamburg, Frankfurt, New York City, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Macau).

Throughout the store, you will see reflections of Claudia's appreciation for high quality materials and detail.
As Claudia's labor of love, Qinti aims to bring you foundational wardrobe pieces in luxurious fabrics for unfussy elegance in everyday life.


Meet the Team!

At Qinti, all clothing, accessories, and jewelry are made of natural Peruvian materials, including:

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