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    All items come beautifully wrapped in gift box.

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    Milhua Baby Alpaca Scarf

    Sand Smokey Blue Grey
    Black Greys
    Silver Cream
    Pink Silver Grey
    Teal Green Blue
    White Aqua Green Magenta
    Green Blues Navy
    Teal Blue Beige
    Aqua Teal Navy
    Pinks Teal
    Cream Oatmeal
    Yellow Silver Brown
    Walnut Sand Cream
    Magenta Red Lilac Green
    Orange Pink Green Purple
    Rusty Orange Green
    Charcoal Silver Grey
    Burgundy purple gold
    Blues Greys Tan White
    Burgundy Reds


    A step above casual without getting too serious, our Handwoven Bouclé Scarves help you keep cozy whiles stylishly seize the day, night, and everything in between. 

    The easiest way to make an outfit interesting is by adding color or texture. Pair with your favorite basics to elevate an outfit.

    Handwoven bouclé gives the scarves added texture, to top off your outfit with added dimension and flair.


    Spun from Pure 100% baby alpaca.


    Just Right: Thermal Regulated by your Body Temperature

    Is there anything worse than being too hot or too cold?

    As Goldie Locks once taught us, not every warmth is the same: one bowl of porridge may be too hot, too cold, or just right. You probably have experienced this when discussing temperature: when is it too hot or too cold? Not everyone always agrees because each person is unique and has an individual amount of warmth that the person feels is right. 

    With Baby Alpaca's heat-insulating properties, you always get the perfect amount of warmth and coziness. Baby alpaca wool retains your body heat and releases excess body heat, letting you experience that perfect level of warmth. In the era of personalization, we would say this is nature's "smart wool" - personalized for your body. 

    So that you feel dry and comfortable, no matter what weather is in store.


    • Keeps you dry in the wet
    • Minimizes Odor
    • Low Carbon Footprint
    • Machine Washable. Do not tumble dry.


    With fibers that are 20% the diameter of human hair, our baby alpaca wool is breathable, temperature-regulating, and moisture-wicking, all without that irritating scratchiness.


    Baby Alpaca is softer than cashmere.

    If have put on an alpaca sweater before, you may have felt itchy. This is because adult alpaca wool is coarser than baby alpaca wool. 


    Let us explain. We know you may have heard the term "eco-friendly" tossed around a lot. It simply means that the item is not harmful to the environment.  Alpacas are domesticated animals - like Cashmere goats. Unlike cashmere goats, alpacas do not tear out the root of grass they graze on. This means they do not destroy their natural habitat in the Andes. 


    Each bouclé scarf is handwoven in Peru on a wooden loom. Not only does this bolster economic empowerment in remote rural regions, but your purchase will help preserve Peru's cultural heritage. 

    Woven by women on wooden looms to preserve their cultural heritage. 

    • Machine Washable. Use  Lay flat to dry. Do not tumble dry.


    • Pair with neutrals for added flair.


    • Gift Wrapped in Box.


    • Pure Baby Alpaca
    • Handwoven in Peru