Baby Alpaca Scarf for Men - Charcoal, Grays & Cream

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This Garter stitch striped scarf is knitted in luxurious 100% Baby Alpaca. The stripes run longways, in red earth tones with charcoal borders. Easy to style, wrap around your favorite solid colored sweater during cold chilly days. Makes for a wonderful gift for him. A classic for any man's wardrobe.

Why Baby Alpaca Wool?

  • Repels moisture: Most wool retains ~20% of their weight in water. Alpaca only retains 8%, so you can stay dry. 
  • Odor-resistant: Does not absorb odors. 
  • Hypoallergenic: Does not contain lanolin.
  • Heat insulating: Uses your body heat so you are not too hot or cold.

Baby Alpaca Scarf Details

  • Wool: 100% Baby Alpaca is softer than cashmere and the warmest wool, second to polar bear fur.
  • Length: 70" Long x 9.5" Wide
  • Care: Hand wash or Dry Clean
  • Made in Peru


We are a family-owned business with roots in Peru. We personally know our suppliers and work only with the most reputable baby alpaca textile producers in Peru. Our quality is premium and guaranteed. 

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