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Sterling Silver & Andean Opal Dreamcatcher Pendant

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Sterling Silver and Peruvian Opal Dream Catcher Pendant, centering a bezel-set Peruvian opal cabochon measuring about 7/8".


  • The center stone is untreated and reminiscent of wind entering the dream catcher.
  • The three dangling stones are each a unique hue of blue Andean opal, which in Peru are referred to as "Caribbean Blue".
  • Handmade in Peru by one of the most reputable jewelry makers. Highest Quality guaranteed. Crafted to last a lifetime.

Styling your Andean Opal Pendant

  • A truly unique piece, which is timelessly beautiful and wearable to easily elevate a simple, everyday outfit. 

Andean Opal - Healing Properties

  • Energy Healing: Peruvian Opal has soft, calming energy which helps with sleep. Some recommend sleeping with Andean Opal, as the stone is said to release past pains and traumas stuck in the subconscious. 
  • Communication: Peruvian Opal also is said to help with relaxation to improve communications and allows for greater flow of ideas.
  • Heart Chakra: Associated with the heart chakra, which is  

Peruvian - Mythology:

  • In Peru, they are known as the gift of Pachamama, the Goddess of the Earth. In Quechua, the literal translation is "World Mother". 

Pendant Details:

  • Approximate size: 3" H x 2 3/4" W.
  • Comes with a ribbon for a necklace.
  • Composition: Precious Andean Opal (Natural and untreated) and Sterling Silver 0.95
  • Handmade in Peru
  • 🎁 Beautifully Gift boxed!

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