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3-Strand Andean Opal Necklace in Sterling Silver - SALE

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3-Strand Andean Opal Necklace in Sterling Silver has a playful mix of various geometric shapes including squares, pears, ovals, and rectangles. Still, the necklace composition maintains a sense of balance not only with the shapes but also hues.


  • 14 untreated Andean Opal stones in various Caribbean Blue hues. 
  • Double braided necklaces and a secure clasp. 
  • Handmade in Peru by one of the most reputable jewelry makers. Highest Quality guaranteed. 

    Andean Opal - Healing Properties

    • Peruvian Opal has soft, calming energy. Some recommend sleeping with Andean Opal, as the stone is said to release past pains and traumas stuck in the subconscious.

    Peruvian - Mythology:

    • In Peru, Andean Opal is known as the gift of Pachamama, the Goddess of the Earth.  

    Pendant Details:

    • Comes with a ribbon for a necklace.
    • Composition: Precious Andean Opal (Natural and untreated) and Sterling Silver 0.95
    • Handmade in Peru
    • 🎁 Beautifully Gift boxed!

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