5th year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wife

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Five years is a significant amount of time. And so, we have some luxurious and handcrafted gift options for your fifth wooden anniversary.

No longer newlyweds, five years marks a time that shows commitment. A handcrafted wooden gift in luxurious mahogany is a wonderful way to commemorate your fifth year wedding anniversary.

Our Picks: Perfect Wooden Wedding Anniversary Gifts

1. Handmade Keepsake Box

A keepsake box for her dresser makes for a lovely gift. Why? Because it marries practicality (it holds jewelry and other items) with beauty.

Mahogany Keepsake Box

2. Mahogany Picture Frame

Mahogany Picture FrameInsert a picture you love of the both of you to make a truly timeless gift. Life, and marriage, is a long road. Keep your good memories close with this beautiful mahogany picture frame. Decorating your home as a reminder of your love is an idea we cannot endorse enough.


3. Mahogany Wine Bottle Holder

Cheers to your special day! Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary with your favorite wine or champagne in our mahogany wine bottle holder. To be extra romantic, if you have your champagne toasting glasses, it would be a lovely idea to take those out and cheers to the years.

Mahogany Wine Bottle Holder

We hope you love the products we recommend! Congratulations on the five years!

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  • Nice blog! I have one to add. Check out Dreamlines. My husband gave me a sketch of my wedding dress and his suit. Could put the sketch in a silver frame. Really neat gift.

    Jolie on

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